jed at the piano

Jed Distler, artistic director of ComposersCollaborative inc.

If you're into music, you've probably encountered Jed Distler. He's all around you. You may remember Jed's scores to
such airline boarding videos as Spring Flowers in Appalachia, music for holiday bargain CDs like Baby's First Christmas,
or mini-operas like The Three Minute Saga of Rudolfo premiered at Lincoln Center. Perhaps you've played his published Bill Evans and Art Tatum transcriptions, or read his record reviews in Gramophone or on Or caught him playing Beethoven with the Bill T.Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company at BAM, or knew about his 2006 recital tour
of Italy.

Maybe in February 2007 you saw Jed¹s name all over the newspapers when he helped uncover one of the great
scandals in the history of classical recording. Or else you've heard such compositions as Three Landscapes for Peter
Wyer (for toy piano, recorded by Margaret Leng Tan on Point Records), the String Quartet No. 1 (Mister Softee Variations), premiered in 1999 by the Flux Quartet and broadcast every summer on John Schaefer¹s New Sounds),
or Jed¹s tour-de-force piano theater extravaganza The Gold Standard ­ a collaboration with playwright Ed Schmidt.
On recitals and on disc, he has premiered works by Frederic Rzewski, Lois V Vierk, Virko Baley, Wendy Mae Chambers, Andrew Thomas, Virgil Thomson, David Maslanka, Douglas Geers, William Schimmel, Kitty Brazelton, Alvin Curran, Eleanor Hovda, Bob Windbiel, and others.

You might remember such press clips about Jed as "an altogether extraordinary pianist (Newark Star-Ledger), or "a musician with smoke coming out of his ears (alternative radio station WFMU)." As ComposersCollaborative's co-founder and Artistic Director, Jed has created and programmed such innovative  festivals as Solo Flights, Non Sequitur, and, most recently,Serial Underground at the Cornelia Street Café. He's received grants from ASCAP,  Meet the Composer,American Composers Forum, and a Macdowell Colony residency  in the fall of 2001. As Cci¹s 20th anniversary year unfolds, Jed continues to beat new music's vibrant, ever changing, boundary blurring drum.