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SOLO FLIGHTS keyboard summit 2003
a co-presentation by Composers Collaborative and The Kitchen
february 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16

SOLO FLIGHTS keyboard summit 2003

Pianists Frederic Rzewski (The Road - World premiere), Jed Distler, Arturo O'Farrill,Guy Livingston, Eleanor Sandresky, Matthew Shipp, Kathleen Supové
director Arnold Barkus
lighting designer David Lovett
video artist Virginia Valdes.

SOLO FLIGHTS 2001 FESTIVAL: pianorama!
18, 19, 20 October 2001 at the Clark Studio Theater

SOLO FLIGHTS 2001 FESTIVAL: pianorama!

Sarah Cahill: Ideas of East
Music by Evan Ziporyn, Kui Dong, Hyo-shin Na, and Mamoru Fujieda

Michael Harrison: Music of the Spheres
Premiere of his own Revelation for the harmonically tuned piano

Marija Ilic: Slavic Soul
Music by Bartók, Kurtag, Virko Bailey, Marko Nikodijevic, Vykintas Baltakas,and Elena Kats-Chernin.

Amy Rubin: American Progressions
Music of Dawn Clement, Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal, Chick Corea and Rubin.

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SOLO FLIGHT 2000 FESTIVAL super piano-action!
11, 12, 13, 14 October 2000 at the Jazz Gallery

SOLO FLIGHT 2000 FESTIVAL super piano-action!

Sara Laimon:The Making of American
music by Aaron Copland and Charles Ives

Frederic Rzewski: What the Artistic Life Leads To
music by Henri Pousseur, Christian Wolff, Cornelius Cardew and Rzewski

Anthony de Mare: The Image Breakers
music by Zappa, Andriessen, Nancarrow, Harrison, Guido López Gavilán, Takemitsu, and Rzewski

Kathleen Supové: Under the Same Sky
music by Glass, David Lang, and Carolyn Yarnell

Jed Distler: Unchained Melodies
music by Andrew Poppy, Douglas Geers, Tina Davidson, Wendy Mae Chambers, Rzewski, and Distler

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SOLO FLIGHT 1999 FESTIVAL 3 Nights with 7 Pianists
25, 26, 27 October 1999 at HERE

CCi's Solo Flights 99 was expansive, eclectic, adventurous and international

TransAtlantic Drift (10/25)
Claudia Ruegg (Switzerland)
plays Vierk, Justine Chen, Kaspar Ewald, Polansky & more
Beatriz Roman (Brazil)
plays Sorrell Hays, Gilberto Mendes & Coelho de Souza

Macrocosm (10/26)
Thomas Osuga(USA)
plays David Loeb, Takemitsu, Toshiyuki Ozaki, Kunio Toda, Robert Rollin
Marija Ilic (Yugoslavia)
plays Virgil Thomson, John Cage, Patrick Grant, Eleanor Sandresky & others
Idith Meshulam (Israel)
plays Nikos Skalkottas, Marc-Antonio Consoli & more

Double Fiesta (10/27)
Tomoko Mukaiyama (Netherlands)
plays Meredith Monk, Soumei Sato, Vanessa Lann, Sergay Zagny & Messiaen
Jed Distler (USA)
plays Brazelton, Douglas Geers, Andrew Thomas, Eva Wiener & Distler

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20,21 Oct at Jazz Gallery and 7 April at HERE

Anthony de Mare: Birthday Blow Out! (10/20)
plays Leonard Bernstein (arr. by Leo Smit), Four Movements from West Side Story; Elliott Carter, 90+; Bernadette Speach, When it rains, Ilueve; Ned Rorem, Sonata I; Chester Biscardi, Mestiere & Companion Piece; Frederic Rzewski, Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
Sara Laimon: And More Birthdays
plays William Bolcom, Nine Bagatelles for piano; Laura Kaminsky, Triftmusik, Fred's Piece; Gyorgy Ligeti, Etudes

Jed Distler: Minimal Animal (10/21)
David Friedman, An Offering; David Maslanka, Piano Song; Kati Ilona Agocs, Invention on D; Jed Distler, Woman Who Danced; Lois V Vierk, Cloud of Stars; Alvin Curran, The Last Acts of Julian Beck
Kathleen Supové: Pas de Deux
Iannis Xenakis, Evryali; Elaine Kaplinsky, Umbra; Molly Thompson, our mingling arms; Jed Distler, Anegada; John Adams, Phrygian Gates

Julie Steinberg (04/07)
John Cage, Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano

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25, 26 Sept , 3 Nov and 1, 2 Dec at HERE

Jed Distler: Yeah Yeah Yeah (09/25 and 26)
Jed Distler, Assault On Pepper (world premiere); Lois V Vierk, Yeah Yeah Yeah; Virgil Thomson, 5 Portraits; Alvin Curran, Hope St. Tunnel Blues I

Andrew Violette: Brooklyn Counterpoint (11/03)
Andrew Violette, Four Sonatinas (world premiere); Ruth Crawford, Preludes

Robert Helps: Shall We Dance (12/1 and 2)
PROGRAM 1: Robert Helps, Shall We Dance, Portrait
PROGRAM 2: Robert Helps, In Retrospect; David Del Tredici, Ballad in Yellow (after Lorca) (world premiere); works by Christopher Berg and Helps song transcriptions

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12 Jan, 23 Feb, 9 Mar, 20 April, 18 May at Bloomingdale House of Music

David Krakauer: New Music for Solo Clarinet (01/12)
David Krakauer, Red House No More; Daniel Goode, Circular Thoughts; David Lang, Press Release; Elene Firsova, Sonata; Sidney Bechet, Okey Doke; David Krakauer, Rothko on Broadway; traditional Klezmer, Der Heyser Bulgar

Mary Hastings: New Music for Trumpet (02/23)
Stan Friedman, Solus; James Rouvelle Slater, Itinctus; Antoine Tisné, EMOTION

William Schimmel:Composer/Accordionist (03/09)
Sofia Gubaidulina, De Profundis; William Schimmel, Symphony No. 6: Pathetic/Pastorale

Elizabeth Panzer: New Music for Harp (04/20)
Peter Gordon, The Arrival; Eve Beglarian, Play Nice; Eleanor Hovda, Dancing in Place; Elizabeth Panzer, White Tigers; Gustavo Matamoros, RE: Elizabeth; Kitty Brazelton, DOWN n HARP n ALL a ROND o

Madeleine Shapiro: Voices -- 20th Century Cello (05/18)
John Cage, 4'33"; Salvatore Sciarrino, Ai Limiti della notte; Luciano Berio, Les motes sont alles...; Ana Lara, Koaia; Ada Gentile, Perviolinvellosollo; Tania León, Four Pieces; Kaija Saariaho, Petals; Krzystof Penderecki, Capriccio per Siegfried Palm

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14 Nov, 23 Jan, 20 Fev, 26 Mar and 16 April at

Anthony de Mare: American Visionaries and Virtual Icons (11/14)
Mary Ellen Childs, The Capacity of Calm Endurance; Henry Brant, Music for Five and a Dime; Virgil Thomson, Prelude, Tango Lullabye, Portrait of Mlle. Alvarez de Toledo, Morris Golde: Showing Delight; Elliot Carter, 90+; Charles Ives, The Celestial Railroad; Morton Feldman, Palais de Mari

Kathleen Supové: Cabinet of Wonder(01/23)
Carolyn Yarnell, Mean Harp; Eve Beglarian, Miranda's Kiss; Virgil Thomson, Edges: A Portrait of Robert Indiana; Lukas Foss, Solo; Randall Woolf, Adrenaline Revival; Terry Riley, The Heaven Ladder Book 7

Sarah Cahill: A Century of Pioneers (02/20)
Henry Cowell, The Harp of Life, Exultation, The Trumpet of Angus Og; Ruth Crawford, Preludes 7+8, Prelude 5; Johanna Beyer, Gebrauchs-musik 4 + 5; Conlon Nancarrow, Prelude and Blues; Tania León, Ritual; Stefan Wolpe, Dance in Form of a Chaconne, Zemach Suite (selections); Ursula Mamlock, Three Bagatelles; Virgil Thomson, Richard Flender: Solid, Not Stolid

Joseph Kubera:Music of Changes (03/26)
John Cage, Music of Changes, Book IV; Virgil Thomson, Louis Rispoli: In A Boat; Roscoe Mitchell, 8-8-88; Carson Kievman, Harpo; Nils Vigeland, Eleven Pages; Anthony Coleman, The Hidden Agenda

Jed Distler:Yeah Yeah Yeah (04/16)
Virgil Thomson, Karen Brown Waltuck: Intensely Two, Dominique Nabokov: Round and Round, Prelude and Fugue: A Portrait of Agnes Rindge; Lennon/McCartney/Harrison, arr. Raphael Mostel, Beatles Sweet; Jed Distler, Helpings; Lois V Vierk, Yeah Yeah Yeah; Jed Distler, Hideaway, Dance for No Pennies; William Schimmel, Beata Partita No. 1 + 2; Frederic Rzewski, Fantasy; F.S. Key, arr. Jed Distler, The Anthem at Woodstock

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