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Wendy Mae Chambers writes big music. Very big music. Consider, for example, Symphony of the Universe for 100 timpani, metal percussion, horn soloist, jazz band, choir, organ, and tape. Or Music for Choreographed Rowboats,
with 24 musicians in rowboats oared by the Columbia University crew team at the Central Park Lake. Or one of her
most recent works, Twelve Squared, a voodoo tone poem in memory of John Cage, for 12 percussionists.
Yet as a performer, Wendy Mae Chambers chooses the opposite extreme: according to the New York Times, she is possibly the world's foremost virtuouso of the toy piano. She has made a number of television and radio appearances
on the toy piano, including CNN and NPR.
Ms. Chambers has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the American Composers Forum, and
CAPS. She also founded Artmusic, Inc., which produced her large-scale works as well as the television series Videoville.

Affiliation: BMI
Publisher: Wholesum Publications
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