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Lukas Foss has played a major role shaping the face of American music in the last half of the 20th century. During his tenures as principal conductor of the Buffalo and Brooklyn Philharmonics and the Milwaukee Symphony, his innovative programming helped develop audiences for old and new music alike. Highly regarded as a composer since his teens, Foss' works were described by Aaron Copland as being "among the most original and stimulating compositions in American music." He is frquently in demand as a spokesperson, lecturer, and teacher. Many young composers have looked upon Lukas Foss as a benevolent guru. His students are drawn both to his genuine curiosity about anything new and his protean musicianship. Foss is also a remarkable pianist, with an electric sonority and amazing rhythmic vitality. Connoisseurs prize his recordings of Bernstein's "Age of Anxiety," Hindemith's "Four Temperaments," as well as several versions of the Bach D Minor, F Minor, and 5th Brandenburg Concertos.

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