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David Friedman's musical past has been a checkered one. As a composer he has worked extensively with modern dance and theater, collaborating with artists such as Ruby Shang, Ze'eva Cohen, David Greenspan, Pepon Osorio, Merian Soto, Patti Bradshaw and Ching Gonzalez. As a musician, he has performed with the Balinese Gamelan "Dharma Swara", the rock band "You and What Army" (playing violin and accordion on their 1996 CD "kinda wanna"), and has enjoyed the honor of being a continuous member of Jerome Kitzke's "Mad Coyote" since their inception in 1992. He has performed full evenings of his own work in NYC and in Europe. Friedman also studied painting and sculpture at SUNY Albany, where he received a degree in Studio Art in 1978 and was fortunate enough to study Electronic Music under Joel Chadabe.

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