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photo of kirk nurockNew York composer Kirk Nurock has led a distinguished career spanning 30 years in the music world. Known for his offbeat piano style and unorthodox compositional bent, Nurock has created a body of works blending jazz improvisation, 20th century classical techniques, theater music, texts from classical poetry, scat singing, live animal sounds and rich, contemporary orchestration.
As a jazz pianist, Nurock has played with Dizzie Gillespie, Chet Baker, Phil Woods, and Donald Byrd, and his jazz arrangements have been played by numerous leading jazz musicians. He currently teaches at the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music program. In the 1970s, Nurock formed the Natural Sound Workshop, comprised of 25 untrained voices, to perform his unconventional vocal works. In the 1980s, he wrote several pieces exploring "cross-species communication" with sea lions, wolves, screech owls, guinea pigs, and a Siberian tiger. In the late 1980s, Nurock began writing large-scale works which combined traditional ensembles with ideas from jazz and from the earlier choral and animal pieces. In recent years, Nurock has returned his focus to jazz piano, playing in a duo with Theo Bleckmann.

"...joyously iconoclastic." -- Keyboard Magazine

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