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photo of jody redhage Who wouldn't want to write new pieces for a virtuoso cellist, accomplished singer, and new music champion rolled into one person? Jody Redhage's multi-faceted musical journey began with extensive classical training and chamber music experience at the Cleveland Institute of Music, the University of California Berkeley, and the Manhattan School of Music. At 19 she began composing, and her output has blossomed, from solo voice/cello songs to large chamber works. Among projects resulting from her winning the Hertz Fellowship include
a voice/cello CD featuring recorded premiers by herself and others.

In addition to her compelling solo talents, Jody Redhageis a much sought after team player, and frequently collaborates across the board with stellar artists and ensembles in many genres. She can claim working relationships with composers as disparate as Julia Wolfe and Pierre Boulez, yet turn around and be the electric bassist in the band Passenger Fish, while keeping up frequent appearances with the Tactus Contemporary Ensemble,the Anechoic Chamber Ensemble, and the Brooklyn Heights New Music Ensemble, among others.

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