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Spin-17 takes the stage surrounded by electronic bric-a-brac, jerryrigged instruments, both toy and adult size, plus numerous objects, not originally designed to make music, that manage to emit provocative sounds when guitarist/saxophonist Ed Chang wraps his creative hands around them. Motoko Shimizu’s vocals evoke a sampler gone wild, with mapcap leaps between register extremes, high octane Bel Canto roulades, and elemental grunts and groans. Relentless yet structured noise pieces coexist with dozens of unrelated songs turned stylistically upside-down-inside-out as they’re mercilessly crammed into wacky medleys.

Singer/composer Motoko Shimizu has performed extensively across the US and in her native Japan. A City College graduate with a degree in music and voice, she has been studying with Sheila Schonbrun since 1997. In 1998, she sang
in Brian Eno's Music for Airports with Bang on a Can at Lincoln Center, and was a 2001 fellow at the Music/OMI International Music Colony. Her solo improvised shows feature voice, toys, percussion, guitar and casiotone, as well as eclectic song collections. The next best thing to being at one of her shows is her live solo CD Attack of the 5-Foot Woman on Sachimay Interventions.

Since the early 90's, Ed Chang has forged a personal voice and aesthetic in the language and anti-structure of free improvisation and experimental composition. In addition to mutating the natural timbres of conventional instruments (his extended saxophone techniques, for example) and then applying these sounds to new structural forms, he’s also invented unique sound producers. One is the Noise Machine, a modified electromagnetic contact element capable of quiet textural sonorities, as well as harsh noise cranking. His 36 Cents Box is an internal feedback device activated by
36 cents in change which produces intense high-speed electrical glitches.

Click on, and you’ll find a wide range of sound samples from Ed
and Motoku, together and individually. You also can hear them challenge and galvanize the great alto saxophonist Luther Thomas (of Funky Donkey and Human Arts Ensemble fame) in 2006 recordings from Copenhagen and New York, available from the Ayler Records label’s download-only series (

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