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If a Beethoven composition can be likened a rugged oak tree, solidly rooted in fertile ground, Toru Takemitsu's sound world mirrors the architectural landscape of gardens. Timbre and resonance govern the shape of a piece as much as note and instrument choices. More often than not, the music unfolds at a leisurely, yet never static pace. Even rapid passages don't sound hurried. Born in 1930, Takemitsu came of age during the aftermath of World War II, absorbing the new developments in serial music that prevailed in the Darmstadt school, while keeping his ears open to the timeless simplicity of traditional music from his native Japan and other Asian cultures. Western film scores proved a rich source of inspiration to the composer, who went on to write many evocative scores for the medium. Toru Takemitsu died of cancer in January 1996.

Publisher: Schott Music
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